Powder Coating

Powder coating is a modern surface finishing method with high resistance and durability. It protects metal surfaces from corrosion and other external and mechanical influences and it also gives the product great look. We offer powder coating not only with RAL colors, but also with metallic colors. Thanks to KOVO-LEMINI’s wide range of available colors , we can provide the identical color shade even with a longer interval between the coating series of the same product.


We use industrial degreasers for pre-treatment of painted materials. The material is first degreased by an industrial degreaser on the degreasing bench, then it is dried in the curing oven.

Powder coating is done in powder coating cabin by electrostatic charging (STATIKA) from NORDSON or electrokinetic charging (TRIBO) from EST company.

  • Powder Coating cabin EST E3 7001
  • Powder Coating cabin EST IVA 06
  • Powder Coating cabin DATEL MAJKA 1301

After coating, the coated products are cured in the electric oven at temperature 160 °C – 210 °C.

  • Powder Coating oven – 1 950 mm x 1 700 mm x 1 600 mm
  • Powder Coating oven – 1 500 mm x 1 700 mm x 1 600 mm

After curing, the coated products are packaged to prevent damage.


  • Indoor and outdoor quality
  • Glossy, semi-glossy, matte, semi-matte, deeply matte
  • Smooth, fine structures, rough structures
  • Epoxides, epoxypolyesters, polyesters, polyurethanes

Where to use powder coating?

Cabinets, machines, shelves, frames of power stations and pumps, sheet metal, railings, discs, wheels, advertising banners, metal furniture, bicycles, fire extinguishers, radiators, automotive parts and more.

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We produce quality products from high quality components, primarily using materials made in the Czech Republic and cooperating with Czech manufacturers in our production of hydrant systems.