About Kovo-Lemini

In 2018, Kovo-Lemini, s.r.o. was acquired by MONTANA s.r.o. Mladá Boleslav. MONTANA is a traditional Czech company with over 25 years of experience and wide production portfolio in the field of industrial automation, locksmithing, production of single-purpose machines, etc.

MONTANA’s objective is to build on current Kovo-Lemini’s production program in fire hydrants systems, fire cabinets and to further innovate its production portfolio and help Kovo-Lemini to grow. MONTANA has also been active in the field of fire hydrant cabinets since 1993, when the company was founded.

Also, this acquisition will result in substantial synergies in portfolio of a DREAMland business group, the owner of MONTANA. This will bring new business opportunities to every company in the group.

The main product line of KOVO-LEMINI currently consists of Fire Hydrants with Semi-rigid Hose D19 20/30. D25 20/30, D33  and wide range of fire cabinets. We also offer stainless steel version of our products.

We commit ourselves to produce high-quality products made from high-quality components. Kovo-Lemini primarily uses suppliers from the Czech Republic, where possible. If it’s not, we try to provide components from other European manufacturers.

We try to keep our delivery times as flexible as possible to ensure your satisfaction. With products on stock, we try to shorten delivery times as much as possible.

Thanks to our own metal production and powder coating services, we are able to arrange custom production for reasonable prices and with short delivery terms.

About Us

We produce quality products from high quality components, primarily using materials made in the Czech Republic and cooperating with Czech manufacturers in our production of hydrant systems.