Fire Hydrant Cabinet D25 – Semi-rigid Hose

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Fire Hydrant Cabinets D25 are used for Fire Hydrant Systems with Semi-rigid Hose K-L D25 20/30. The Equipment and Fire Hose Storage is not included.



  • Fire Hydrant Cabinets D25 are made of sheet steel with surface textured powder coating designed for both interior and exterior environment.
  • Fire Hydrant Cabinet utilizes standard type of BURG padlock. Additional types of locks are available on request.
Cat. No.Dimension WxHxD (mm)Door Panel/Front
HC-014011/650x650x285Solid Door
HC-014021/650x650x285Full Glass Door
HC-013011/650x650x245Solid Door
HC-013021/650x650x245Full Glass Door
HC-012011/650x650x210Solid Door
HC-012021/650x650x210Full Glass Door
HC-018011/710x710x245Solid Door
HC-018021/710x710x245Full Glass Door
HC-016011/710x710x175Solid Door
HC-016021/710x710x175Full Glass Door