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Fire Hydrant with Semi-rigid Hose K-L D33 20/30 Standard is very effective fire extinguisher with constant supply of water. It is ready for immediate use in the event of fire, where the hose reel is operated just by one person.

It is made according to CSN 73 0873 and CSN EN 671-1 standards.

It is used wherever it is necessary to supply large amounts of water up to 200l / min.



  • The cabinet is made of steel sheet and has a powder coating – red or white, designed for indoor or outdoor environments. On request, it is possible to supply the cabinet in different color.
  • Swinging Hose Reel arm can be operated in multiple directions, the water supply is delivered through the center of the hose reel.
  • Semi-rigid fire hose Pyrotex PES-R D33 Stabil with an I.D. 33 mm and length either 20 m or 30 m.
  • Hose Nozzle D33 with Shut Off Valve allows to adjust full flow, conical current with adjustable cone angle and closure of the streamline.
  • Manually operated Ball Valve 5/4″.
  • Hose providing connection of the hose reel to the source of water from the mains supply.
  • Hydrant System utilizes standard BURG type of padlock. Additional types of locks are available on request.


Sufficient space for the installation and manipulation with the fire hydrant and water supply DN25 shall be provided. Both installations of the Fire Hydrant System, either recessed or surface mounted, are available. Minimum fire hydrant pressure as stated in CSN 73 0873 is 0,2 MPa (with a steady stream at the most hydraulically disadvantaged outlet). The mounting height of the Fire Hydrant Cabinet of the center of the hose reel is 1,1 m – 1,3 m above floor level and shall be located in a readily accessible position and allow door to open at full 180 degrees.

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