SmartCity – SOS Point and SOS Audio

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New feature fully in line with SMARTCITY strategies.

SOS Point can be installed indoors as well as exterior of any building. For exterior elements we are able to offer security for temperature monitoring. SOS Point must be connected to the power supply (we can supply with emergency battery) and communication network (can also be secured by GSP gateway). Control SW is not included.

SOS Point equipment is tailored to your needs.


Recommended equipment:

  • Emergency “Help” button
  • Surveillance camera system connected to the camera security circuit of the building.
  • Loudspeaker and microphone after communication with the operator in the operator’s network security.
  • First aid kit for immediate help.
  • Fire extinguisher – supplied according to the type of operation
  • First aid kit – may also be an expanded foundation depending on the type of operation
  • Portable AED defibrillator
  • Alarm for safety signaling for the surroundings
  • Emergency light signaling
  • Thermo blanket for first aid
  • Crash hammer – for possible jamming in the car


Suitable for:

  • Public buildings (offices. Schools, kindergartens…)
  • Transport terminals (bus stations, train stations, airport buildings)
  • Sports facilities, sports grounds and playgrounds (stadiums, arenas)
  • Logistics areas
  • Manufacturing plants and plants
  • Museums
  • Bicycle paths, skate parks
  • Swimming pool, public swimming pools